Our story

Curtis and Julie

My name is Curtis. I was born and raised in Mono, Ontario. On my family property, I grew up planting trees, chasing ducks and eating freshly grown organic vegetables. After almost 20 years working in factories, the year 2020 brought some real needed changes for me and my family. I decided to focus on my first passion; growing food and sharing it with my community.

My name is Julie. I didn't grow up in a farm but in the south of France. One of my favorite memories as a child is playing in my Grandpa's garden! Smelling the carrots, eating the strawberries from the plant, picking apples and pears from the trees while listening to my grandpa whistling with the birds. Those memories are always happy and peaceful and I believe gardening continue to have this soothing effect because of those memories. As an educator, I like to share this passion with my students, and I always to try to bring the natural world inside our classroom.

The Owl dream farm is inspired by the names of our two children; Oliver and Willow, and our desire to grow, eat, and share healthy organic food in a sustainable and accessible way. We want our children to see where their food come from, to experience the steps and satisfaction of growing and eating their own food.

Our urban farm follows a vertical farming model designed to produce a high density crop with a small and sustainable carbon footprint. We are dedicated to educate the community about the health benefits of micro-greens and the importance of growing food locally for a sustainable future.

As a family, we want to offer local micro-greens, delivered fresh from our farm to your table. We hope you will enjoy our products and be part of the dream.