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In our vertical urban farm setting, we are making sure our micro-greens are healthy and safe. We test the Ph level of our water. Our micro-greens are grown from Canada and USDA organic and non-GMO seeds. 

Because we want to deliver the freshest products, we do not wash our micro-greens before we package them. After harvest, our micro-greens are packed and kept cool right before delivery to your door. For ultimate safety and freshness, we recommend that you keep our products refrigerated and wash them before use. Micro-greens are best consumed 10 days after harvest.


Free delivery on weekly orders of $15 or more. A $5 delivery fee is applied to order under $15/week. Delivery is scheduled on Tuesdays, within 12 hours from harvest. Delivery available to Dufferin County, Caledon and Erin residents. Pick up option for members only.

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Microgreens are jam-packed with nutrition and there is nothing but good coming out of growing them. Despite their small size, they often contain higher levels of nutrition than more mature vegetable greens.  By adding living foods to your diet on a consistent basis, you can help to improve your overall health. Eating living foods regularly is the best way to heal your body, reverse the damage that has been done and protect against future damage.

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1x 50g for $6.99

Black oil sunflower microgreens have a sweet and nutty taste. They are best eaten raw in salads, sandwiches, wraps or smoothies. 

Pea shoots (green peas)

1x 60g for $7.35

Green pea microgreens are sweet and crunchy, much like a full-grown pea and a snow pea. The tendrils offer a unique texture to this variety. 

Broccoli microgreens

1x 40g for $6.99

Broccoli microgreens have a milder taste than its full-grown version.  Yet, they contain four to six times more nutrients than the adult size, including beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and even amino acids. 

Rambo Radish

1x 50g for $6.99

With their striking purple leaves and rosy stems, those radishes are both visually appealing and flavorful. Eaten raw, they have a clean spicy flair that will compliment any salad mix and spice up your omelets and sandwiches. 


1x 40g for $6.99

Tiny, beautiful and with a surprisingly vibrant flavor! Cilantro microgreens will make wrap, sandwich, soup or fried rice healthier! A bit of a peppery taste, cilantro micro contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, and beta-carotene, A must try :)