"The fate of a nation depends on the way that they eat" - Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Finally, Orangeville residents have a local microgreen's farmer and a direct access to delicious healthy microgreens,

Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, microgreens may offer several health benefits in addition to a healthy diet. Implement living foods into your current diet to increase the nutrient content of your meals and improve overall health. As living organisms, micro-greens require little soil and water but are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, easy to add to your every day diet plans. Add microgreens to your sandwiches, wraps, omelets, or as toppings for soups, pizza or your favorite veggie mash, as a super fresh and crunchy salad, in a smoothie, and much more!

Locally and organically grown in Orangeville, our microgreens are from non-GMO seeds and are pesticide free. They are harvested weekly and on demand to offer fresh, farm to table, greens to our community. We offer delivery for convenience and to maximize the freshness of our microgreens.

As a vertical urban farm, we are maximizing space, energy and water consumption to produce high quality, local micro-greens. Vertical farming requires 70% less water than traditional commercial farming systems.

With the food insecurity on the rise our business captures the immediate need to offer fresh and healthy food to local families and businesses.

The Owl Dream Farm wants to educate people about where their food is from. With increase food insecurity around the globe as well as the rising of food prices in 2021, we hope to offer healthy and accessible food year-round.