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Fill out the form below. Select the quantity of micro-greens and how often you want them delivered (once a week or every two weeks). We are harvesting our micro-greens every Tuesdays, so your order will be delivered each Tuesday afternoon. We will drop off your order at your preferred location. A pick up option is also available. Address will be shared when applicable. (see the form below).

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There is no minimum amount required per order but keep in mind that delivery is calculated based on each order. Get a free delivery, on orders $15 or more. A $5 fee is applied for orders under $15. Or come pick up your orders every Tuesday in the afternoon (2pm to 5 pm).

*To add a variety of microgreens or modify your order, email us: Please note that it will take one week before your order can be modified as our microgreens grow on a 10 days cycle.

**Please note that cancellation requires a 2 weeks notice.